Mercedes S65 AMG vs S550 Head To Head Review - $237,000??


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Music Applause the Mercedes s class has always been the benchmark for refined German luxury it elegant classy and incredibly comfortable but this is no normal s550 this is the s65 AMG when you step into a Mercedes s550 it hard to imagine it could get any better than that but you be wrong extremely wrong now the s550 starts at 96 thousand dollars which is of course a lot of money you want a better engine to put your car better steering feel you can upgrade to the s63 it base price is 144 thousand dollars before any options but for those who want the ultimate the pinnacle of luxury that is where the s65 comes into play and this star starts in an absolutely ridiculous 227 thousand dollars how is it possible that the s65 which is based on the s550 cost more than twice as much well that what we here to find out the good news is for those of you who don want to spend much more than two hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars there not that many options to be had as a matter of fact as a base model the S 65