LEGENDARY photoshop cheat box! - By #TrentKaniuga


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professional concept artists cheat they all use cheats there no way to generate high quality imagery that fast without using digital cheats and if you want to spend a week on a painting you might as well be working in oils I been working as a concept artist for over 15 years in the video game industry I know my way around Photoshop these are all the cheats and tricks that I either created myself or picked up from other artists and I gonna expose all of those secrets in my legendary Photoshop cheats box they very short concise videos that break down the process in a step by step fashion so that you can see exactly how I take a very loose sketch and turn it into something that looks like a final painting with a lot of detail and if you a concept artist or an illustrator that can generate high quality imagery very quickly one you gonna get paid a lot more and two you never going to run out of work double your productivity double your quality of your work use the promo code on the screen right now to get 20 off on this I