00 Civic Rigidhorse 21.5" 120W Curved LED Light Bar Install


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so I was contacted on YouTube by an LED manufacturer and they wanted to know if I could test one of their products out so of course I said yes so let see what inside mmm so right here is an LED light bar manufactured by a rigid horse they a company based out in China and they thinking about opening up a market out in America so they wanted to get some people to review their products and they were nice enough to ask me how cool is that this thing rated at a 120 watts it 21 and a half inches so that um 40 LEDs 3 watts of peace there Philips brand LEDs it comes out to about 9 000 max lumens and a color temperature is 6 K so it nice and white and it even work off of a 9 volt battery you notice some of them don light up that just the battery if you use the 10 volts that they recommend all of them light up but it kind of cool you could power this entire thing off of a little tiny battery I don think you do that well with a spotlight