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hi guys today video is Joe kiss cigarettes zeros ten percent team high final ready and i give you my passions on it it filtered okay cigarettes concerned about five years in germany siglos to your blend at the two euros mark now Joe pious is an ok brand in the UK the blacks are overpriced but the blues or an ok meet price cigarette right but we talking about the cigarillo here just aback only ease okay but nothing special there are better siglos available I to be honest and overall the nicotine hit alums okay but nothing special game it smokable but I wouldn buy him again I don know they sold in other countries I imagine at all but you be well off buying a pack of JP cigarettes name two O tame miss case on cigarettes Hamlet for instance he a lot better I could list others named description you can see a guard to my hamburger hill also boasts a desolate cigars and cigarettes I made in the past from Berlin I Baalbek fair wind and another one which offer gone they weren all that I like the Irish coffee ones from Al Capone but