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Music this is the air jordan 1 the shoe was released in 1984 which is quite a long time back over the years there have been tons of air jordan 1 colorways release of which we have got the air jordan 1 blake griffin ve so our question is does the air jordan 1 still who to find out the answer to this question we have come to the terminal HR of course the air jordan 1 is a great shoe fold well the comfortable level is high and sugar basically be wrong with anything now let check out how it will perform on court the simple answer to our question is of course yes but will the shoop firm good enough and will support you enough whilst playing basketball now first off we have the traction of the air jordan 1 so about the traction we have military directional traction pattern on the air jordan 1 which will give you a good traction and you probably won slip at all then endure the traction just works great outdoor attractions better also perform superb now on to what is probably the worst feature of the shoe which is the cushioning