Chewbacca with AT-ST pop review


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today we gonna be reviewing Chewbacca with a TST and my grandma got me for my birthday this was actually my first pop ride slash pop deluxe and so you know a star get started first I really like how it has adult detail that has like all these likes all these things like things that look like they make it run and it legs and there actually a path that goes right under it like critters have been running along there then like there a little gun thingies right here little flaps and then of course he a bobble head cos Marvel and Star Wars have to be and the reason it a deluxe and not ride it doesn come out of the ship or a TST thing and a ride does so I have to Deluxe because I have the chase Luke with speeder bike and as like it a little things that it would shoot off of here and right here and yeah it so detailed I was like all these things and it looks way more realistic than this Chewbacca I just think this Chewbacca looks more like a bear or a squirrel with an Chewbacca