My Favorite Powders: Setting, Finishing and Under Eye


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hey beauties welcome back to my channel recognize the outfit yep that because I pulling another so let do a few videos in one day kind of thing because doctor appointments MRIs all of the things with this is just a lot and you guys are freaking me out in the comments let me tell you what apparently there like some kind of syndrome and I terrifying myself looking at this stuff online just so you guys know you getting in my head you so getting in my head I going to ask my doctor about it though I go to him on Thursday so I was like so let me just ask you about this little thing here but you guys you freaking me out come on anyway today we are going to talk about my top most favorite powders again in this video yes there other powders that I do really really like mac mineralize skinfinish is one of them don really use it anymore but I still suggest it for people but I going to be talking about the ones that I use the most so I picked out seven I feel like I am the powder