Don't Get Scammed! Real Vs. Fake Replica Manufacturers


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what up guys blade angel now I recording this live using OBS studio so I apologize for any weird audio problems this video may have put up with it and the reason I making this video is I been getting a lot of Facebook comments and I been getting a lot of emails regard in regards to replicas especially supercar replicas I made a lot of videos in regards to supercar replicas and replicas kit cars we just kit cars in general and as someone who has a growing audience I want to make sure that I covering my bases and I want to make sure that I spreading the right information so I been getting a ton of questions about these guys in specific so you know I already got their website pulled up and they called super replicas the website used to be called super car replicas so they keep changing our name and I go on and talk about that later so here we see a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 4 replica and well that just an actual Lamborghini Aventador I highly doubt that actually a replica and let go down here so if you a car