Steal food from bars in Milan & not get in trouble - VLOG 7


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after a very very well deserved shower in the bathtub behind me here i have discovered the only real downside to this hotel so far if you have a look here this it not a telephone although it does look a little like a telephone it actually the shower so you have to hold it in your hand and wizard all over yourself right instead of there no better way to hang it up just kind of sits there until you want to rinse yourself it not the end of the world but really five stars my friends five stars I expect my shower I like showers so I like the water and stuff with my shower come on plane again after video it Sir video we about to head out on the town in Milan me no of course before we go out we been given some complimentary drinks by the hotel was those are little wizard that thing shuts it backwards but whatever chateau in that place we put a link or something up here and we gonna go and have an amazing drink at the bar before we go and check out milano so maybe the complimentary