Chocolate Blue Makeup Tutorial | NEW Semi Sweet CHOCOLATE BAR Palette


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hey guys so today I going to be doing a look inspired by or using the new Too Faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette I obsessed with the original so when this one came out um you may have expected me to like jump all over it but I was just not into it I wasn when I first saw pictures of it it just the blue really turned to me off I thought that looked kind of random I know that the original has that purple in it as well but you know it has some plummy shades so it kind of makes sense but I just thought this was just so weird it one of those things that when I saw it in person I was like okay I totally get it and I really really like it so I knew that when I did a tutorial the first shade or the first look that I wanted to do was to do something with that blue because I think that a lot of people just are like look at this kind of like I did and they like what the heck is that blue doing there blue is