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hi guys and just another quick unboxing this time it for this one it the hammock collection the universal years and it a fire desk special edition comes with the brides of Dracula kiss of the vampire the curse of the werewolf and captain Craig it released by final cut and it inspired and here the back now I know when these were released individual you all have extras on them and there is a bonus disc new 50 minute documentary and it stills gallery which includes posters and other promotional items from the Universal years the our region B lot I afraid what Greece s I you open draw is the KSR disc brides of Dracula okay I stopped the werewolf kicks up the vampire refill captain Clegg with the great piece of Peter Cushing and finally the bonus desk I just gonna pause the video and I put one of them on sure you want the picture look like on them okay and you go guys this is rough the case the werewolf looks like and yes that is some extras they aren down below like playing gay scene on let try that one I not really watch