Me cooking some Reuben Sandwiches


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hey whats up youtube I figured I would make a video because a lot of people keep asking me to make them more videos at me cooking or something so i figured i would i going to make a Reuben sandwich got some rye bread I gonna grab two pieces so far come make two sandwiches I got some Swiss cheese from the deli and I got some corned beef lift over Kelly corned beef and I got some russian russian dressing that a sauerkraut so and i get some cheese tamales right here they kind of spicy well I like tamales go ahead use up the last of my ingredients to make the sandwich got your griddle warming up someone go ahead and put two slices of cheese on there does that make a Reuben I normally use two slices cheese and one slice of meat and I have enough cheese left over to make two keep that underwear give my deli corned beef what left over I used to use one slice of corned beef last night I made some i use two slices because this corned beef getting kind of old so I just going to go