Alien Contact: Extraterrestrial Empires in Conflict components overview


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so I button my Chris went on a business trip recently and went to the board games to where I think out and Austin and came back with this from a bargain bin for me it was in the shrink wrap but since I opened it I still want to do a little bit of a components overview of this alien contact extraterrestrial empires in conflict because i checked the boardgamegeek and kind of sad as me when there not some kind of video de to kind of show off the game just a little bit now this was published in then get that to focus on in 1983 06 and Phoenix enterprises and I mentioned them in just a second actually let just open this up upkeep is nice nice and brief I didn want to just get a little bit of visual something for people to see you might come across this game in the world alien contact for page rulebook relatively simple it um you know old school war design layout with numbers and whatnot kind of similar to you know just your random 1 G T game today is your turn sequence and there a war