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hey everybody say okay here TV coming at you back from syphilis how is everybody doing I sorry I haven uploaded in a while it just has so many things going on I went back to school going back to college I studying business so yeah it just been a busy busy time anyways I have these books here I did some shopping from JustFab I took advantage of their Liberty sales so I had this full month I openly last week but I haven used any of the stuff yet so this is how this is a box yeah I hope you can see clearly I I in my closet and I all alone at home so I nobody behind me to see if I due if it showing up or not but yeah so let get started it quite a big box I just gonna show you and you now put it down I get stuff out one by one but this is all the stuff I got okay excuse me I just gonna put this down okay so first item I got these pair shoes and they started they started is called Rose Maria and their pumps