"Milk Thistle for Healing the Liver"


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hi dr Paul hater master herbalist here what do you think these are little brown seeds and they have a nice nutty smell to them well these are milk thistle seeds the whole ones and I really love these fact I pour them on my cereal in fact in the morning really great and milk thistle has been around for about 2 000 years it a thistle it a big tall plant you know stickers on it and has a flower purple flower like you probably seen out in pastures and the seeds inside have a wondrous effect for cleansing the liver and detoxing the liver in general and if you think sluggish and your you drink and have liver disease then milk thistle will do your body good your liver especially oh the toxins in our body and our liver cause headaches and skin problems and immune system goes down and we start feeling fatigued and we have poor digestion and we just feel a lack of energy in general and milk thistle is one of those things last but they can go along with burdock root and dandelion root and some other things too and copy enemas which