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Music what up guys Shane here welcome to spare change here in the channel you find home theater related videos as well as reviews for media content for the home theater a movie enthusiast so if you new here consider tapping that subscribe button in for review today we have Deadpool 2 on 4k blu ray I not gonna review the movie I just gonna share with you my thoughts on the video and audio quality now for a few tech specs the movie was shot in 3 4 K 35 millimeters it got a 2 KB eye it rated R we run time is 119 minutes aspect ratio is 239 by 1 so yes there are black bars if you watch it on a television alright now after finishing the ITU digital stream I found the image quality on the 4k blu ray to be slightly cleaner and tighter with no posterization anywhere now if you planning on enjoying a double feature with Deadpool 1 playing first I think you notice a big difference on how both movies look as I thought the first movie was reference quality it was extremely sharp and had a nice clean and bright