Valentino Rockstud | NOT WORTH IT!


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please hey guys this is Sophie show hat welcome back to another video where I going to be reviewing these shoes these are the Valentino rock studs there are pros and cons to owning them and also the sizing is like way weird on them so if you looking together these and you want more information keep watching so when you get them the box looks like this it kind of like it almost feels a bit like fabric slightly on the outside and it just like plain red and then talk about the information there and when you open it you have two dots of eyes and then what you also have in these little pouches you got healed I never actually open them you got heel tips and probably like hair but floor something and then when you open up the bag the box you have the shoe so I wanted to go for a really classic version of this shoe I was torn at the time between do I go for a color and do I go or do I go for the nude and the black in the end the or the nude all the back