Homeschooling: Is It Really Good for Kids?


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what is it about homeschooling that often evokes so many negative reactions are the concerns legitimate or is homeschooling depending on the environment better for some kids let question some homeschooling mothers and then look at the statistical data in order to make an informed opinion will be just math was at a level it a big one for us with my faith we didn want our children being confused by what they were being taught at home as opposed to what they would be hearing at school we also had a son attention issues in a different way when my mother first told me that I would leave one he wanted me to home school I said absolutely no way I can do that so we went to a homeschool convention and Massachusetts and I did that for three years before I started homeschooling when I was getting started I went to a friend house who was homeschooling and she let me sit in front of all of her bookshelves and just look at all of her curriculum and she answered hundreds of questions that I had Christine and I have done pull up together for 10 years and