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all right YouTube what is up so today I have a ton to talk about I don know if this is gonna be like you a portion or if I gonna put some talk over the GoPro footage from yesterday ride I might do that later on but some stuff I have to talk about finally got the paper I fixed had some complications along the way to get this pipe all reweld it up as you can see let me move this out of the way so salt reweld that if my camera would focus on there should be stronger than what it was stuck it shouldn fall off the Flex is just in the actual pipe itself but oh yeah got that done but a little Ryan got hurt because I play the clip in a minute so he got everything got film those clips for me which I about to play I play all the clips that he recorded he vlog a little bit for me because I couldn go and he was getting it welded but uh yeah I guess I just play the clips right now then I talk about it after you guys watch