Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Unboxing, Review, & Air Test


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hey guys what up literally five minutes ago I just got my body or a pimp order in the mail sissy nice package you see I got it off eBay for 3995 so about 40 bucks sister package it comes in pretty severe no damage don do it so got it from the selling post so their packaging is good so if you get about their pin point I recommend that so I get it back to you and it opened hey guys Here I am I back this is the box that comes in the Bounty Hunter metal type dude pretty nice box those are the rappers and they say give you this nice little sheet tell us them to give you a 5 star rating so I probably look that was good packaging so I get back to you this box is opened here it is guys just like this secure in the box there that hole right there the little pin 1 apart so we try to get this open one handed don know if that don work I gonna have to turn off the camera again you help me back with you guys hey guys Mac