X Sense CO03M Carbon Monoxide Detector


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alright what up guys dustin def here today I got for you guys another cool gadget from X since I brought you one of their other carbon monoxide and smoke alarms before if you guys already have smoke alarms in your house and you don need the combination then this could be for you this is just a battery powered carbon monoxide alarm or if you have somewhere where you just really you know if you want to put it next to a water heater or something like that just to be sure then this is exactly what you looking for it relatively inexpensive as well and it looks good to be honest with you it one of the better looking ones you can get this is the X since CO 03 em I will have links in the description below so you guys can just click straight on those and purchase it if you want but it says it like it says it a battery powered carbon monoxide alarm first off you notice it got that nest tight packaging the the company from google they tend to do this as well the recycled cardboard with the white sleeve I