Blue Tidal Enzyme Treatment Demonstration


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hi and welcome to our demonstration of the blue title enzyme treatment in doing this treatment the first thing that you want to discuss with the patient is first of all the indications why you doing it and what the patient can expect as far as indications are concerned it important to stress that this contains two different enzymes both papaya and pineapple and what these do are they accelerate the skin own exfoliation process so this is going to be truly a way to enhance the healthiness of the skins exfoliative process it also contains a brown algae extract that is a tremendous skin hydrator and rejuvenator and last of all there an antioxidant in this treatment which is from parsley extract which is a very strong antioxidant as far as why we would be doing this what we really want to stress to you is that this is a very safe very neutral treatment so this is not at all an acidic treatment it has a neutral pH and this is going to be very safe for people with sensitive skin for people with rosacea possibly you will use this in someone who had a recent deeper peel