Emmily reviews Clinique's NEW Repairwear Laser Focus Makeup SPF 15


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hello Clinic fans Emily here today I like to start by asking you all the question I would like to know who out there has absolutely perfect skin flawless no wrinkles perfect complexion not an issue in the world whoever that is could you just raise your hand for me okay beautiful now everyone that did not raise your hand stay tuned because I am going to go through my regime and how I create beautiful perfect complexion and skin by using clinics amazing products so don worry it still possible to create the perfect skin you don have to always people on with it thanks to Clinique with a little bit of help you can create it yourself so I going to go through the steps that I do pretty much every day to create that flawless complexion so number one is to always be taking care of your skin so I use clinic three step program so I cleanse and I clarify and then I moisturize okay so that the base secondly you need a beautiful flawless foundation so Clinics just launched their repair we laser focused foundation which is absolutely amazing it 15 plus sorry SPF 15