San Lotano Connecticut Toro Cigar Review


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Music the San Lata no Connecticut in tour oh hi I Brian Glen a cigar obsession calm this is the winner of this week fan Friday vote coming in at 6 by 52 it features a Dirk tan rapper it has quite a bit of discoloration and blemishes all over it minimal veins tighten visible seams large triple cap very oily smooth feel to it firm pack and a quite potent rich hey aroma very nice smell all right it going to get it cut up start toasting don forget to check out this coming Sunday video I changing up the vote system I think this will be the best of all possibilities at least the best one yet that I come up with kind of a combination of a couple suggestions that you guys had so thank you very much for those and we see how this works it probably be a few weeks testing to see how it does but I think it will be a winner you never know though but definitely check it out and get your vote in this Sunday Music or anyway a very nice easy drop good smoke output medium to full body