Kapture Audio Recording Wristband review


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capture audio it like Inspector Gadget never miss capturing that magical moment spikes to do looks at capture audio welcome everybody a spike Studio product review we are straight from CES 2016 and actually been playing with the device for a few weeks before we want to publish interview this is capture with a k capture audio first of all the packaging is really cool the device itself matches the packaging so we talk about that in a second inside of this what you going to find is actually two pieces only the actual capture audio device as it were that you wear on your wrist and the charger is proprietary it not micro USB which is interesting enough I wish it wasn proprietary the charger has the USB end but what it has on the other end is this lovely rounded thing that fits up underneath with the double magnet whatever so the device itself is wrist wearable as you can see wait we look at the box against you get the idea they actually have the little grill to grow okay you get the idea really cool this works with Android 4 3 and higher it also works