Twisted Sour, Peach by VIBLEO.COM (premium ejuice review)


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Uber it Chris from fake delivery in st Louis I like to talk to you about twisted sour peach by biblio now just getting right after it um you know don try this at home kids but it passes the finger test absolutely I mean nailing it like straight up peaches falling off the truck in Georgia this is so good I personally like to sample any liquid the first time in zero Nick just so it not disturbed by the nicotine I getting the true flavor and I feel if something shines in zero it really gonna pull through at the higher nicotine levels this is available in 0 3 6 it a 70 30 blend and again I been pleased with this one personally I think it a little bit stronger than the strawberry which is very good but to find a peach I think peach is kind of like a chocolate flavor doesn always come off many of dried few have succeeded and one thing biblia does really well again their fruits they honest you can read the description of the juice and it gonna come through just how you want it so yeah there you have