What are the Sézane Archives? Sézane's BEST SALE EVER! Kait Bos


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hi my name is Kate and I here with a what are these days and archives video I got a couple of things from VCS and sale so it a clearance sale I have that in another video and I can show you what the discount was I going to talk about I have a but have a whole page whole notebook of notes I have some tips and tricks on how to shop I know what to look for and I have a couple items that I think might be in the same sound archives I talked to a couple other stays and attics and we were talking about what probably gonna show up in the next six on archives which is in January so every year to find out more about that hopefully it can help you out this yeah this the discount is amazing since that doesn do discounts normally and so when their stuff goes on sale which is only twice a year people go bananas over it and the stuff is amazing and getting another discount is amazing I got this purse it was two hundred forty dollars normally and I got it from 190