NUU Mobile NU3S Review


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Cass you love from people you trust this is twist next to me is an OMG chatty is absolutely getting his groove on I ready with the I gonna call it the new new it looks like to me but it what do you call this so that it new in you you is the brand new mobile and it the in you at a 3s you can tell me that they were having fun without me this is like sec new news newton yes yeah this brand is most likely not of the USA persuasion but this is so the Nu 3s is a mobile phone a very inexpensive mobile phone it is running for for Android for for KitKat and it is LTE ready it has it ready for HSPA and it comes when you buy it it comes unlocked so you buy this target it the official target is the official seller but you can also buy it on Amazon as well so I just gonna I just gonna how much how much would you guess is phone cause you know it doesn look like a standard cheap phone a lot of chip on it it looks