Skin Discoloration Caused by Waxing the Lip : Beauty & Skin Care


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hi I Aaron Henley professional makeup artist and today I going to show you how to handle skin discoloration that can be caused when you waxing your lip so we have our above lip area right here and sometimes of course when we wax we have a little bit of redness and sometimes it lingers pass just a few hours also when we go out into the Sun we do have a little darkness when we pigment that overcompensating for the skin top layer that was produced and removed off of our skin when waxing so the best way to deal with this is to really just cover it up lightweight concealers work best for the skin and I going in with a brush and you can use a sponge or your fingers but brushes give a lightweight feel and we are working with a sensitive area so we really just going over this just moving in small strokes after this this is a step to do before your foundation so we really just bringing lightness back to it and then once we put our foundation over it you find an all even all over even coverage will take place