2 1/2 month update & Review!


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hey guys it all my is this just a I gonna try and make it a quick update um I think the lighting might be a little bad and my voice sounds a little funny because I really sick I actually took the day off so I decided just to make the video today um my drugs are twenty half months old I didn get to make one or two weeks ago just cuz I was busy but um yeah um changes I noticed a lot of changes I sure you be able to see as well too and I also really need your guy opinion s um far as my hair goes because um as you can see like I have really crazy loops and most of my drugs normally I went not mine but I think I don know why but I kind of debating if I should do a little maintenance or not because this month with complete maintenance for you like no palm well you know I think this was actually on my favorite like how crazy it looks since it sharks so much it like barely at my chin now come but um I kind