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Music hello YouTube maybe see our old TV super cold the war welcome back Lisa gentlemen today I want to talk to you guys about sledgehammer games and the inherent problem that comes with calls to these three year development cycle the most recent big update to the scam of course was this past Tuesday and no doubt you guys have noticed that a lot of things in bad updates have not been working properly they change to the resistance division in my opinion is awesome but the toggle feature randomly disappears and matches major Howard orders have been bugged for the past couple of days and they very difficult to accept the new epic Supply Drop special order has been here for three straight days and according to people who have been afk farming prop on to complete the orders the bribes can not only give you duplicates but they sometimes don even guarantee you an epic item so basically it a worthless Supply Drop and according to reports it appears that the black scope bug is still occasionally happening while playing the war game mode it no secret that sledgehammer games has been struggling mightily with updates here