The Bilmar Resort part 1 out of 4


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poor reviews my wife is home the cameras so if it messed up I gonna blame her but I gonna take a small walk through the Bill Maher resorts in Treasure Island Florida and as you can tell us it an older building it not one of the new buildings it not just recently been developed it been here I believe for about 45 or 50 years and as you can tell it got some cosmetic problems between cracks in the wall correct over there Crocs on the side of the thing our door handle just to show you it got some play in it sometimes that only works lifting up sometimes it only works lifting down and at least it works so we gonna up follow me you too honey and we get weird bugs every once in a while they come around I don know what that thing is it doesn like to be petted so it not investigated this is a rather large resort it not the smallest resort that in the area there a lot of amenities that comes with it that other place has been offer but they also charge you we here for leave