RANT - Best Defense (1984) Movie Review


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I don even know where to start with this film Sally a film I wash a couple times when I was a kid because back in the day you had a VHS tape where you would tape from stuff on the video store so rented from the video store you get a blank tape and you put like three movies on each VHS tape so when I ever watched Eddie Murphy stuff like the golden child but it was Cobb forty eight hours this would be among the mix best defense even as a kid I didn like this film and to this day it a really shitty movie now this is a film where apparently it was a dully more film and it went so badly and test screenings that they like we can release the shit well Annie Murphy here this guy we had hits with 40 and trading places let put him in the movie as strategic guest star which that how he credited in the movie and the beginning of the film strategic guest or Eddie Murphy how many films do that how many films actually say strategic guest star Eddie Murphy usually that like a