Mid Exam Review and Lucozade Tower!


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well just had my English literature and history exams yesterday and the day before that went pretty well english literature was a bit mmm but history was good they were quite easy question so I hoping I did well Matt and all I really worried about anything slip because I need to get a B overall my university course and motion where does an example we find out i still have english language to come that on the twenty fourth so i got a nice seven day long periods to revise all they start their i going to start lying is language of vision some time and a keep drinking my legs you can see I got quite a hefty collection now at twelve here I glad to have a break now go before revising history inning is Lister at the same time was a lot of work and if any of you have done something like that that you know how to be a relief it over I can rest relax for a bit and then next week spying is language exam once that over got a year put freedom and I start looking for jobs self to the