Woman Addicted to Exercise Works out 8 Hours a Day


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You want to feel better you want to have more energy you want to add yours your life We always say exercise We all need exercise right Exercise is good But what if you start to overdo it with physical activity and it takes over your whole life Well then exercise may not be so good This is Erin story My name is Erin and I am addicted to exercise I Exercise eight hours a day I never get tired I don get sore I cancel plans I cancel appointments It been controlling my life I just can stop It was competitive gymnast since the age of 7 training at least 3 hours a day she said to me I not going to Damascus practice I got the thermometer and she had 103 nose the only time she didn want to go to gymnastics I started getting into marathons and triathlons I never miss a day five years ago I ended up breaking my back three days after back surgery I was already trying to go up and down stairs the last four years It not giving me the rush that I used to feel just doing three to four