Tour of Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy


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hello everybody and welcome to short shot archery and here is our walkthrough of Lancaster archery supply nice big beautiful looking building and we are gonna go and head to the main range and tech hunt this is the Lancaster archery Academy portion of Lancaster archery the techno hunt is right in front of me there and we gonna go head through that other door as you can see it a very big room with lots of seating also they have a lot of targets they have moveable targets at all different ranges all the way out to I believe it at least 18 meters from the official shooting line places to hang your bow alright now we gonna head upstairs but first we gotta use the elevator to the showroom Music alright here we are on to the showroom um it is quite a large showroom at least from my experience of other archery shops um even when comparing this to a company like Cabela or Bass Pro a lake house is right up there with them like they have the size that they have you know the products that you can you know try out look at touch