The inside of my Yamaha RX-V365


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today we gonna be looking inside of my Yamaha amp now when I got this thing it was used so I died anybody ever cleaned it out from the looks of it this is definitely dirty oh my go no the only real downside about this amp is this heatsink oh my guess it does not do any justice at all this thing gets hot fast I mean it like a little heater which is why I got a little low so I can get it in here you got me a little fan right here you know whenever I running that I stick this little fan up there and make everything stay cool and it actually does a good job surprisingly looking like this heatsink it doesn really do any justice no what I wondering if that right there there rust spots corrosion of some sort all that stuff super dusty thanks that a disaster I mean really it pretty interesting I doing open the inside of one of these before yeah other day I was watching home theater junkie and he was taking his apart looking um I like you know what I gonna do that too of