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welcome down to Jesus our gigs your place for movie reviews today we be reviewing Ted tweet are for all kinds of reasons that I can really get into this story is about John Bennett played by marky mark Funky Bunch Marky Mark made a wish when he was a little boy then his teddy bear will come to life and his wish came true I tell you about this that bear is completely inappropriate drinking beer now that Marky Mark is grown man he walks around with a Thai beer and I think that his sorry let me tell you about this bear he drinks he smokes he uses drugs and guess what he meant hires hookers aren gonna know that it but what is a hooker what up hunker like if you don know what a hooker is it only gets paid to make out with teddy bears that just gross how she lost it first that just weird marking marks girl is not having it she makes him decide it either her believes or the teddy bear John I getting sick and tired of that fair but here my Thunder buddy for the night later damn straight