Pullhair Rubeye by Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan (ALBUM REVIEW)


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going on YouTube how is everybody today it very good to hear so I did a blog TV a couple nights ago we got to talking about animal collective and that led me to the topic of the worst album I own probably the worst album anybody owns the worst album out there and that comes from Animal Collective member ad ter and his wife crea brecon uh creo I not quite sure to pronounce her name she from this band called boom or mom em um with an accent on to you and AV tears of course from Animal Collective founding member pull hair roubaix came out in 2007 on animal collective record label ha tracks and I never been a big and cold kind of fan I like panda bears person pitch so i decided i try to Delmore to their side project area voila I found this in the record store reasonably priced I didn say anywhere on it then it was complete and utter shit anywhere I was like okay think something this bad would have a disclaimer saying caution awful but anyway so I got it brought it home and sure enough the entire album