Olympus OM 50mm F1 8 Review with Sony A7II and A6000


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today we look at the Olympus om 50 millimeter F one point eight lens and see how it performs in modern cameras such as the aps c sony a6000 and the full frame sony a7 mark two oh emmalin says that this era are very well built indeed with all metal construction however these lenses are also very compact which make them an attractive choice when pairing with modern mirrorless cameras which are also small the OEM to e mount adapter adds a better size but it still overall a small package and a good match for these cameras the focus ring is smooth and precise which should be good news for those interested in video making the aperture ring moves in one stop increments starting from a minimum FF 1 8 up to f 16 the OEM is capable a very sharp in contrast the photos especially when stopped down a little bit to have 5 6 or F a manual focusing can be difficult and slow so this is probably not the lens for street photographers however owing to the F 1 8 aperture you can actually get some very decent Boca with this lens I measure sharpness