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hey there so today I wanted just to show you a little bit behind the scenes I wanted to show you something really exciting that I got this week and if you been following me I didn post about journaling earlier this week and I was really excited cuz that same day these things arrived from Amazon in the mail for me and my family like no not again she got more books well yes I have I have now got a new Kindle paperwhite that is waterproof so I can read it in the bath I can take you down the beach and go in the pool and you can see what some of my favorite books they you know it very very cool nice to have and in my business colors as well so you might be asking why I like blue and yellow well blue reminds me of the sunshiny sky and yellow reminds me of the Sun and the blue is also reminding me of the ocean so not going to be talking to you about my Kindle today I just teasing you with that but this is what I want to show you this is