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hi kabisa we at t j maxx what are we doing here first shopping for bargain toy toys at discount Applause ah you see anything you like turtle 900 an hour oh you mean this way you like that are you kidding let see how much it is this why the nesting nesting doll no you had to open it you have to pay for it first okay how much is it see how it it not 5 6 99 from nine dollars it not not that cheaper if the discount is only two dollars you like that it just two dollars cheaper I don think it a good deal it feels if you like it anyway yes okay you paying for that everything it okay you put in the cart let pick up no here put it here don ya put in the cart let think about it first okay let me see you again Music nesting doll you have okay but at Rapunzel or anything Wow yeah you right nice 7 6 99 from nine dollars is that a good deal I don think so okay I think about it okay okay let look for someone what do