Bare Minerals Birthday Gift


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okay I did want to do a separate video on a particular birthday gift that I did get only because it was a huge hit and I feel like it was perfect however you can only get this at Ulta and it is the happy birthday gift from bareMinerals and it almost looks like a Christmas ornament but it super cool inside you have full sized products so if you untwist this you get a full sized a black eyeliner a full sized lash domination mascara which is the new mascara that bareMinerals came out with and a full size a Moxie marvelous lip gloss in show off and anybody who knows me knows that I love my lip gloss and to top it all off inside it brings this super cute little pin that says kiss me it my birthday the reason why I love this gift and it is I wanted to do like a review on this is because I very familiar with all three products I have used their eyeliner both this new one that they came out with which is now called bare minerals a lasting liner lip eyeliner I sorry and the lash domination