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hi boys this is just going to be a quick unboxing video and said that delivery for the door about literally two minutes ago and I think it from Nick cook okay attorney in valhalla AKA he a new beer to burn out and he leaned his bitch and always be dear hella so i put a little link to his channel in in the crotch bar as he called it why this is box so it like my heart and I seen I really like I really don know what he putting out I think you mentioned one it is but that was in so let see if I see survived that all I neck so I mean I know a pc the company that uses are probably one of the best korie out of it I don work for him but I had lots of females and they always deliver them and they always been fine so why beach ball up but roll now well ah ah yes legend bloody hell Nick I bloody love you Stone Bruins old guardian look at that bloody hell shit and against these these local beer shops is on well jealous never