up survey Scam or Legit? Me getting paid?


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hi everyone okay am I thought i give you a update on hang updates on up survey the site that seems to be too good to be true and things that seem too good to be true january are too good to be true but anyway i up to and nearly reaching at 500 pound at five hundred dollar mark even though my computers and lack is really slow okay so they go four hundred ninety dollars so it a minimum payout five hundred dollars so what you have to do to collect your fourteen dollars per survey that and there only three surveys live seeing you know it just seemed to rotate them think this is all rubbish this number hasn changed in weeks and so see I flipped the survey button and go there watch this video what I do is I and watch this video and then pause it and we come back after I completed the survey and got myself back up to over five hundred dollars but we see whether it does pay up or okay as you can see I got my balance up to 540 so we going to try and see whether