LTL ACORN 5210A Trailcam


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okay guys I have a new product here it is an LTL acorn or little acorn as I call it to top megapixel trail cam or I got ya trail cam you set up on trails on animal trails out in the bush and in the forest and it takes photos for you both in color and in black and white because it has light infrared mode it also has video and this particular one I got is the LTL 5210 a and as a toilet megapixel the standard 52 10 is only five megapixel so go for the a LT l5210 a Spile megapixel and with it you also get a free SD card this is the box of a company in it you will get instruction manual warranty card the tree strap and your cables for attaching to your computer or your PC actually this looks this is fleet TV ugly and I got this on eBay and I got from this mob the kiddy warehouse I put the link and to their site on the video here somewhere or down in description box they had the best price for Australian customers oh yeah what you get digital