Episode 15 - Intel Skylake i3 - 6100 Media Server and Family Computer


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hello and welcome to go to tech reviews today we are going to be building a family computer for the downstairs mentioned earlier I will be putting together a family build for the family to use so for the kids and a wife to do just basic computing without getting on the internet pretty things and also some minecraft gaming for the kids that doesn leave it for a whole lot I have plans for us to eventually have it plugged into the TV as well as monitor downstairs with us which but that come later we just gonna start now what basic build and will this have a 24 inch 1080p monitor down there so I was going to the parts for the case which I have reviewed earlier the Thermaltake be 21 so we gonna be using that as the chassis its acute chassis I didn go with the smaller Mini ITX I want to expand ability and this was a good size it still may be a little bit on the bigger and more in a HTPC family filled but it will be sitting on the desk in a row wires to the TV eventually so it