Stash Safes and Diversion Safes - Hide Your Money and Valuables in Plain Sight!


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hey guys I Hannah and I going to show you something really cool this is just a coke or is it is this just a book or is it is this just water shaving cream in NZ degreaser or is it I going to show you something you have never seen before okay these are actually safes and they on the can say I screw at the top and you can hide money in there you can hide jewelry and they not valuables and what really cool is they actually weighted to a full can of dr pepper or coke and let say someone was bugging you to your house they will go to your jewelry box and then we go to your dresser and they would see a doctor fabricate or a cocaine and they would not think twice to look at it and these are perfect Christmas gifts you can put a 20 bill in there and you can put it in our stocking and now it will make that Christmas different it fun from it from the others and the book you can leave this in your car you can put it in your bookshelf and you