Sea Ray Factory Tour - Palm Coast, Florida


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you approaching the CRA plant in this is Legler bleach area of Florida next turn will be sear a drive which is so exciting oh look at that see right dry welcome to Palm Coast see ray and Meridian yawns getting ready to haul one of the big boys away morning how are you yes I just come to see the plant very quickly I arranged with somebody from seer a just have a quick look see oh you did they gonna give you a tour I don want the full tour just want to have a quick look around they offered the tour but we on our way home from a glorious week in Florida well back up to a cold can I just want to see why my beautiful CRA was built thank you okay follow this right straight up to keep to the right all the way up all right top of the hill you gonna have to go all that office straight ahead on the walk thank you very much thank you you know they didn already well I know Meridian is part of the seer a group yeah this is what they call the palm