Nike Air Jordan 1 Wings!!!!!!!! Are they worth the hype???????


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YouTube what is going on Jada appeared with second city kicks doing our sneaker unboxing as you guys can see it a little bit different of a background the day I on the process of moving so there some stuff I got to get moved out of my studio so uh it a quick video here guys for you I know a lot of you guys have been looking out for the Jordan one wings that was released I believe last last Wednesday might have been it was limited in nineteen thousand four hundred pairs I was lucky enough to get my size 13 which is awesome I didn plan on getting them it was just one of those things where it if I got him I gotta know if I didn I didn I know the hype was kind of way up there in the beginning and then all of a sudden it just dropped down so anybody that got them the majority people I assuming got them for the resale purpose which kind of sucks for all the people that actually do want them so let get into the unboxing real quick guys I just go and show